Coconut + Lime
The citrus burst from the limes and the sweet and creamy smell from coconuts make this scent an all-time favourite. 

Caramel + Vanilla
The very very sweet smell of caramel and vanilla comes with a warning – it smells so good you will want to eat it. This scent is known to discolour over time.

Avocado + Mint
The fresh and sweet smell of avocados and mint with top notes of citrus and musk make this combination a very unique blend. 

Pomegranate + Mango
The fruityness and juicyness of pomegranates and mangos is just perfect for those summer nights. With a hint of citrus, amber and jasmine it is sure to be a scent that you will lust over.

Honeysuckle + Jasmine
The fresh and floral notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, roses and lilac make this scent a flower lover’s dream. 

Exotic Woods
The oak, amber and musk top notes make this scent one you will want to cuddle up to. 

Wine + Roses
The sweet smell of roses and the bold scent of wine make this an all around winner. 

Peach + Ebony
The delicious smell of peaches mixed with the luxurious scent of ebony wood make this a indulgent scent. 

Lychee + Black Tea
The sweet smell of lychees and the bold scent of black tea make this an uplifting scent. 

Coconut Cream
The creamy and luscious smell of coconuts. 

Cucumber Melon
The sweet and fruity smell of cucumbers and melons with light notes of musk and a hint of greenery notes. 

Lemon Cold Pressed
The uplifting and refreshing scent of fresh lemons to bring that citrus burst into your life. 

Lavender + Lemon

The calming notes of lavender, Elemis, ylang ylang with just a touch of lemon makes this 100% natural extract oil the most relaxing to scent burn.

Orange + Grapefruit

A combination of two citrusy yet sweet essential oils. Uplifting notes of tangy sweet orange oil and tart pink grapefruit oil.

If there is a scent you would like that is not listed on a product please get in contact with us as we are more than happy to do a custom order and have a variety of scents on hand in smaller amounts.